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Pala Digital Dentures

Pala Digital Dentures

Perfect Fit.

Perfect Smile.

In Just 3 Visits.

Pala Digital Dentures are a perfect way for you to grow your practice and increase your bottom line.

  • The only solution with CAD/CAM designed and manufactured teeth, for extremely accurate dentures.
  • Faster processing time enables you to see more patients.
  • Precision fit and comfort means more satisfied customers.
  • The fastest dentures for your patients: 10 days, start to finish.*
  • Precision dentures in just 3 visits, so you can see more patients and increase efficiency.
  • Digital process makes duplicate dentures quick and easy—no chair time required.

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IDT Peer-to-Peer - Elevating Denture Cases for Greatest Customer Impact / (70 kB) PDF downloaden
New Tool Makes Digital Dentures More Feasible - IDT / (197 kB) PDF downloaden
Optimizing the Digital Workflow - IDT - Supplement / (1 MB) PDF downloaden
Pala 3D Printed Denture - IDT - 5 Reasons to Buy / (102 kB) PDF downloaden


Impression Manual / (8 MB) PDF downloaden


Prototype Adjustment Form / (654 kB) PDF downloaden
Scanning Tips / (712 kB) PDF downloaden

Product Information

Pala Denture Pass / (639 kB) English (USA) PDF downloaden
Pala Digital Denture Brochure / (2 MB) PDF downloaden
PALA Printed Denture Infographic / (1 MB) PDF downloaden
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