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GLUMA® Desensitizer
GLUMA® Desensitizer

GLUMA® Desensitizer

Gaining victory over pain



  • Drop Control


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    No jamming or soiling of the opening!

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    More precise.

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    Very precise output: Depending on the applied pressure, you can produce a smaller or bigger drop – always with a clean cut!

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    More economical.

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    The amount of single drops goes up to 220 per bottle – saving you about 50 drops per bottle!



Schematic representation of effect

Schematic representation of effect:
Blue: Intradental sealing induced by GLUMA Desensitizer within dentinal tubuli

Image dentinal tubuli

SEM of GLUMA-induced septa in dentinal tubuli.¹

Gluma-induced septum in dentinal tube

SEM magnification of a single Gluma-induced septum in dentinal tube.¹


Instructions For Use


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