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cara Scan 4.0i – High precision for a perfect fit of indirect restoration

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cara Scan 4.0i


cara® Scan 4.0i – Ensure state-of-the-art precision and gain convenient and affordable access to automated processing for precise indirect restorations.

One precondition for perfectly fitting restorations lies in the absolute precision of the impressions. Automated processing helps to ensure a perfect fit. cara Scan 4.0i is an extraoral scanner that implements impression scanning and automated processing in your dental office. Yet you don’t have to change your impression taking process.

cara Scan 4.0i is easy to use due to the convenient all-in-one system and simplified scanning workflow:
  • Take a scannable impression material like Flexitime Fast & Scan for your impressions of either triple trays, single or double full arch trays.
  • Place the trimmed impression into the holder inside the scanner. The unit digitizes the impression and generates a detailed 3D file format.
  • The digitized data are then ready to be transmitted to your laboratory partner.

You and your patients benefit from the efficient system and workflow:
  • Patients will be very pleased to get their restorations faster, as transportation of the impressions as well as fabrication of gypsum models are not mandatory.
  • Your dental technician will receive the digitized data without delay and can begin designing the restoration. cara Scan 4.0i enables real-time collaboration between the two of you, as communication will be enhanced, the coordination process shortened and made more efficient.
  • If you already work with an IOS, cara Scan 4.0i offers the opportunity to enlarge your base of digital documentation.

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