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PalaVeneer Dentine - Tooth coloured acrylic for deposition of PalaVeneers veneer shells

PalaVeneer Dentine

PalaVeneer Dentine is a tooth-coloured PMMA-based cold-curing luting composite for the bonding of PalaVeneer veneer shells.

PalaVeneer Dentine distinguishes itself through excellent processing properties.Together with PalaVeneer veneer shells, the technician obtains a perfect, Premium-identical layering in the anterior region. PalaVeneer Dentine was modified with the proven NanoPearls® material for maximum abrasion stability and fracture-resistance. With 16 Vita shades and an incisal material, it covers all sections of the colour spectrum.

The advantages at a glance:
  • Colour-coordinated to PalaVeneer veneer shells
  • Excellent working consistency
  • Excellent polishing characteristicsExcellent bond between PalaVeneer Dentine and PalaVeneer veneer shells
  • Optimal working time

Range of indications:
  • Fixing and backing PalaVeneer veneer shells on metal frameworks
  • Fixing and backing milled acrylic teeth on metal frameworks
  • To restore/bond facets
  • To produce long term temporaries (facet technique)
  • To aesthetically finish pre-fabricated teeth

Shades: A-D, incisal material
Deliveryform Powder: 35 g
Deliveryform Liquid: 25 ml, 80 ml
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