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The anterior tooth morphology of Basic teeth are based on the theory of Professor Kretschmer. Pala Basic can be used with both partial and full dentures.

The transparent incisal area of the tooth with the natural shaping of the mamelons makes the anterior teeth look alive. The posterior teeth are available with three different cusp angles: 0°, 12° and 33°.
Benefits at a glance:
  • Transparent incisal edge
  • Naturally shaped mamelons
  • Posterior teeth in three cusp angles
Basic 6.
A triple-layered anterior denture tooth, with a convincing life-like appearance.
The Basic 6 anterior tooth morphology is based on the accepted teachings and theory of Professor Kretschmer who described three basic people appearances: Leptosome (long, slender), Pyknic (short, squat) and Athletic (muscular, robust).
The incisal edge is well defined and the life-like mamelons create a deeply translucent appearance. The transparent enamel coating covers the entire tooth and tapers out in the cervical area – typical characteristics for the Vita-layering technology with its unique aesthetics.

Basic posterior teeth offer three different cusp angles and are thus can be used interchangeably.

Basic 8 / 0°.
A two-layered posterior tooth for full dentures in difficult prosthetic cases.
Basic 8 / 0° is a two-layered posterior tooth specifically designed using the “concave template” principle for difficult cases where complete dentures are indicated. The unique flat plane occlusal surface guarantees unrestricted movements and easy occlusion.

Basic 8 / 12°.
A multi-layered posterior denture tooth for full and partial dentures.
Basic 8 / 12° is a multi-layered posterior denture tooth. Its main application is for full dentures. It combines the proven scientific theory of Hildebrandt with current thinking on functional mastication. Through a defined centric the tooth is able to transfer shear forces evenly over the whole denture base. The result is a denture that maintains stability even during mastication and is easy on the temporomandibular joint.

Basic 8 / 33°.
A multi-layered posterior denture tooth for partial and full dentures
Basic 8 / 33° is a multi-layered posterior denture tooth. Its main application is for partial dentures. It is based on the scientific theory of Gysi and has the ability to be set up quickly and easily.
Through centralised occlusion and excursion movements, the cusps guarantee even contact points and guidance. Its cusp angulation of 33°, and the pronounced, buccal design, fit perfectly into the existing natural dentition.
The INCOMP process – for porosity prevention
  • The worldwide unique fabrication process prevents porosities and inclusions in denture teeth and ensures extreme density
  • The result: Reliable quality of every tooth

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