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Modern Materials Periphery Wax

Periphery Wax

Specially formulated for Hydrocolloid impressions

Wax for protecting soft tissue from the periphery of the impression tray, to extend or post dam impression trays.

Features & benefits:

• Blue for visibility
• Pleasant scent
• Can be used to post dam a tray or as a stop
• Sticky enough to adhere without softening
• Can be used with hydrocolloid higher melting range
• Not too sticky to remove cleanly

Uses: Impressions, covering brackets and wires.

Product Information

Modern Materials Gypsum & Wax Brochure / (425 kB) English PDF downloaden

Safety Data Sheet

Modern Materials Waxes / (67 kB) English (USA) PDF downloaden
Modern Materials Waxes / (71 kB) French (Canada) PDF downloaden
Periphery / (60 kB) English (USA) PDF downloaden
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