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Revolutionizing denture design.
Pala Design Studio is the world’s first web-based denture design software. Developed by the experts at Kulzer and DENTCA, this online service allows dental laboratories to design cases for 3D printed or milled formats in a simple and efficient way. You’ll be able to design a case in 10-20 minutes and have the final STL file rendered in under an hour.
With Pala Design Studio, multiple technicians can design cases simultaneously without any software installation required. New projects can be started while current cases render, eliminating the need to wait for final generation to finish. Your lab will be able to maximize its output and production like never before.

Easy to integrate into your workflow.

Design denture cases online with these simple steps:

1: Scanning and Uploading
Upload 3 scanned STL files of the case you are working on: maxillary, mandibular, and bite.

2: Entering Design Information
Next, enter patient information and select the type of impression
3: Matching
Match both arches with the bite: click to add a reference point on the bite scan, and click the same area on the model to align.
4: Trimming
Establish trim lines on the maxillary and mandibular arches by clicking to place dots along the models.
5: Choosing Landmarks
Select three upper points and two lower points: the incisive papilla, the left and right hamular notches, and the retromolar pads. Pala Design Studio will then match, trim, create the occlusal plane, and arrange the teeth automatically.
6: Verification
Verify the matching, trimming, and occlusal plane placement. You can make any necessary adjustments at this time.
7: Teeth Setup
Pala Design Studio automatically generates an ideal tooth setup for based on the teeth and gum shape and style that you chose.
8: Ordering and Final Output
Once the final generation is done, you can view the completed design. Designs are optimized for 3D printing or milling, and the STL files can be downloaded as a try-in or final dentures.

Application Guide

Duplicate Denture Workflow / (87 kB) PDF downloaden
How to Adjust VDO / (326 kB) PDF downloaden
How to Cant a Tooth / (374 kB) PDF downloaden
How to Change Tooth Moulds / (435 kB) PDF downloaden
How to Remove a Tooth / (377 kB) PDF downloaden
Immediate Denture Workflow / (898 kB) PDF downloaden
Pala Design Studio FAQ's / (522 kB) PDF downloaden
Step-by-Step Guide / (1 MB) PDF downloaden
Troubleshooting Guide / (708 kB) PDF downloaden

Product Information

Pala Design Studio Sell Sheet / (3 MB) PDF downloaden
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