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cara Print Clean

cara Print Clean
cara Print Clean

Automated, no-mess cleaning at the push of a button.

  • Easy and effortless. Transfer printed parts directly from cara Print 4.0 to cara Print Clean while still on the build table, or wash loose models on the part tray.
  • Fast and effective. Parts are clean in five minutes using fresh isopropyl alcohol, and zero hands-on time.
  • Extremely efficient. cara Print Clean uses 75% less isopropyl alcohol than other wash units on the market, saving you money.
Automated cleaning to streamline your workflow and save you time.
Kulzer now offers a comprehensive digital workflow for 3D-printed dental appliances. With our “one-stop-shop” solution, you can now use Kulzer products every step of the way:
  • Print with cara Print 4.0 and dima Print Materials
  • Wash with cara Print Clean
  • Cure with HiLite Power 3D
The cara Print Clean is an automated cleaning system that utilizes an agitated contained volume of isopropyl alcohol to clean excess, uncured, 3D printing liquid material from 3Dprinted parts. Cara Print Clean is our answer to the critical step between printing and curing dental appliances. One touch operation shouldn’t end at the printing phase—automate post-processing with thorough, no-mess cleaning inside cara Print Clean.
  • Load in parts while still attached to the printer’s build table, or as loose models on the part tray.
  • Select the length and speed of the cleaning cycle.
  • Get clean parts in 5 minutes with no additional hands-on time required.

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Product Information

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