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cara® Print 4.0: 3D Printer for dental appliances

cara Print 4.0

cara® Print 4.0: a 3D printer developed by dental experts

cara Print 4.0 offers dental professionals a faster, more economical method of producing polymer-based dental appliances in-house. Not only does it provide a cost-effective alternative to milling for certain indications, it is more competitively priced than other 3D printers on the market, while still meeting all the accuracy requirements.
The technology in brief

Digital Light Projection (DLP) makes cara Print 4.0 quicker, more economical and more accurate than laser-light technology. And it’s even faster than most other DLP systems.

The intelligent calculation of the illumination sequence and the mechanical movement of the z-axis – combined with the unique properties of the tray window – speed up the manufacturing process significantly. Furthermore, cara Print 4.0 results in smoother, more homogeneous surfaces than competing 3D printers, while the long-lasting resin tray remains transparent and stable as long as it is not mechanically damaged.

The digital workflow with cara Print 4.0

cara digital workflow
Part of a comprehensive, open digital workflow

The cara system for 3D printing is open, working with open STL files commonly used by CAD programs, such as Dental Designer™ by 3Shape. Our cara Print CAM software is included with the purchase of cara Print 4.0, with no hidden licensing fees. Users are encouraged to use cara Print 4.0 together with Kulzer’s own dima Print materials, followed by post-curing in the HiLite Power. Doing so ensures the highest quality results and guaranteed clinical performance.

Applications of cara Print 4.0 + dima Print materials:

Take the next step and secure your place in the future of digital dentistry – with cara Print 4.0 .

Accelerate your production, maintain quality

cara Print 4.0 allows you to accelerate the production of high-quality polymer-based dental applications. With an X-Y resolution of 53.6μm and a variable layer thickness (i.e. Z-axis resolution) of 30-150μm, you can quickly achieve the accuracy requirements for all polymer-based restorations.
cara Print 4.0 - Technical details
Digital Light Projection (DLP) vs. Laser

Digital Light Projection makes cara Print 4.0 quicker, more economical and more accurate than laser light technology. cara Print 4.0 can deliver highly uniform and aesthetic surfaces that are unattainable using laser technology.

Laser-based resin 3D printers have to ‘trace’ each layer, point for point, line for line. With its DLP technology, on the other hand, cara Print 4.0 can project an entire layer in a single flash and achieve a finer level of detail than with laser. This means greater precision, faster production and smooth, homogeneous surfaces.
cara Print 4.0
Automatic speed adjustment

Unlike many other 3D printers, cara Print 4.0 automatically adapts print speed according to the accuracy requirements of the current layer, often reaching speeds in excess of 100 mm/hour (e.g. when printing temporary support structures).
Variable layer thickness (30 - 150 μm)

The ability to vary layer thickness means that you can select the optimal balance of accuracy and speed. This makes it possible to optimize the process for appliances that don’t have high accuracy requirements (e.g. impression trays) by increasing the layer thickness and thereby reducing build time.

Introducing the Pala 3D-printed Denture:

Powered by cara© Print 4.0 and dima© Print materials.

Printed denture with supports

Beautiful, perfectly fitted dentures in under two hours.

With all of the advances in printing technology, it's becoming more and more difficult to tell the difference between a fully printed and traditionally processed denture.
Our printed denture solution offers you custom options with 6 dentrue base and 6 teeth shades, all are FDA approved!
Custom denture characterization.
Available as a set or in refills, the Pala cre-active light-curing color fluid system offers 12 colors in various consistencies. The cre-active system is universally manageable due to the structural viscosity of the liquid stains, and can be used to induvidualize conventional, digital and hybrid dentures.

dima Print Denture Materials

Material Indication MDD Class Color(s) Flexural Strength [MPa] Flexural Modulus [MPa] Printing time per part Material consumption (incl. supports) / Costs
dima Print Denture Base Try-in Denture base try -in II White 85.2 2152.2 45-60 min
25-33g / $9.75-$12.87
dima Print Denture Base Try-in Denture base try-in II Pink 90.8 2147 45-60 min
25-33g / $9.75-$12.87
dima Print Denture Base Denture Base II (4 shades)
Light reddish pink, light pink, original pink, dark pink
76.0-82.7 2328-2533 50-56 min
22-24g / $8.26-$9.30
dima Print Denture Teeh Denture Teeth II (6 shades)
A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B2
>50 mPa n/a 22-28 min
8-12g / $4.89-$5.50
Assembling the printed denture
See how quick and easy it is to assemble printed teeth and a base to create a fully printed denture.
dima Print - easy-refill materials

dima Print materials: light-curing resins for guaranteed clinical efficacy

Kulzer combined its longstanding materials expertise with deep knowledge of 3D printing to create dima Print materials. The resins are perfectly matched to the cara 3D printing process in order to ensure the best results and guaranteed clinical efficacy.

dima Print materials are light-curing monomeric liquids (resins) specially optimized for 3D printing with a 405nm wavelength light source, and the specific requirements of each dental application.
Cartridge-free system and easy-refill materials

Some 3D printers utilize a cartridge system for resins. Not only does this prevent you from selecting the materials of your choice (i.e. closed-system concept), it makes the overall system less efficient. It can be compared with the cartridges of inkjet printers, which are fine for occasional private use, but not production. Cartridges simply do not fulfill the needs of professional labs, and require extra care in cleaning.

To keep in line with the open system concept of cara Print 4.0, dima Print materials are sold in simple refill containers.
Overview of resins and applications:
Material Application
dima Print Ortho Splints / night guards (bite)
dima Print Impression Individualized impression trays
dima Print Guide Surgical drilling guides
dima Print Model Dental models
dima Print Cast Cast structures (CAD to Cast)
dima Denture Base Try-in (Pink) Try-ins
dima Denture Base Try-in (White) Try-ins
dima Print Denture Base
(Light Reddish Pink, Light Pink, Original Pink, Dark Pink)
Denture Base
dima Print Denture Teeth
(A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B2)
Denture Teeth
Want to know more about dima Print materials?
Check out more details here dima Print Materials
HiLite Power 3D

HiLite® Power 3D post-curing unit

HiLite Power 3D is a high-performance light-polymerization unit, necessary for the post-curing of additive manufactured objects.

cara Print Tray: the key to speed & precision

The resin tray is one of the big secrets to the exceptional speed of cara Print 4.0. The non-clouding (fogless) and non-reactive design of the resin tray means that each new layer can be quickly and easily lifted off the surface of the tray, substantially increasing build speed and the overall surface quality on the z-axis.
For cost calculations, we generally assume these trays will last for approximately 600 prints. However, since the tray never actually clouds, it can be used indefinitely or at least until it is subjected to external damage. Compare that to the industry-standard PDMS trays, which only last for about 15 prints and lead to much higher long-term costs and lower quality.
Two resin trays are included with the purchase of cara Print 4.0.

The building area (103x58x130mm) has enough space for up to 4 splints or 2 dental models. And the resins can be exchanged in less than one minute by exchanging the complete tray. If you need to add more of your current material, it’s as easy as pouring liquid from a bottle.
cara Print 4.0 Screen

cara® Print CAM software

cara Print CAM software is included with the purchase of cara Print 4.0 – with no hidden licensing fees. The user-friendly software serves two functions. First, as a print manager, it integrates the printer into your local network and manages the file transfer. Second, as a print editor, it allows you to orient and position appliances, as well as to add support structures. In short, it prepares the digital file for printing.

It operates with open STL files, provided by dental CAD software of your choice, such as Dental System (3Shape), DentalCAD (exocad) or DWOS CAD (Dental Wings).
How to work with cara Print CAM software


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Handling Information

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Patient Information

Connecting to a Network Instructions / (1 MB) PDF downloaden
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Product Information

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Safety Data Sheet

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Software Updates

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CAM 1.0.28 Update – Mac / (64 MB) ZIP downloaden
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cara Print Firmware Version 83 / (60 MB) International ZIP downloaden
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dima Print Gingiva mask - Settings for ASIGA MAX UV, Pro 4K / (1 kB) International ZIP downloaden
dima Print Stone teal - Settings for ASIGA MAX UV, Pro 4K / (1 kB) International ZIP downloaden
FW93 Region NALA / (459 MB) ZIP downloaden
Print Queue Operating Guide / (379 kB) PDF downloaden
Software/Firmware Instruction Guide / (2 MB) PDF downloaden
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