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Venus® Bulk Fill
Venus® Bulk Fill

Venus® Bulk Fill

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Physical properties Venus Bulk Fill / Universal Shade SDR Smart Dentin Replacement / Universal Shade
Depth of cure [mm] (ISO 4049) 6.2 4.0
Shrinkage stress [MPa]
(after 24 h, photoelastic measurement)
3.4 3.6
Compressive strength [MPa] 331 233
Flexural strength [MPa] 120 120
Radiopacity [%AI] (ISO 4049) 300 240
3 Body Wear Resistance [µm]
(ACTA method, poppy seed, 300,000 cycles) [mm³]
Working time [s] (ISO 4049) 80 50
Conversion rate [%] (blue light; 600 mW/cm²; 20 sec., FTIR spectrometer) 55 49

Product Range

  • Refills

    Venus Bulk_Fill Refill

    Venus Bulk Fill PLT Refill
    10 x 0.2 g PLTs Venus Bulk Fill – universal shade
    Art. code: 6604 4743

    Venus Bulk Fill Syringe Refill
    1 x 1.8 g syringe Venus Bulk Fill – universal shade
    Art. code: 6604 6795

  • Kit for adult teeth

    Venus Bulk_Fill_Adult KIT

    Venus Bulk Fill Syringe Adult Kit + iBOND Universal
    3 x 1.8 g syringes Venus Bulk Fill – universal shade
    1 x 1 g syringe Venus Pearl – shade HKA2.5
    1 x 2 ml bottle of iBOND Universal
    Art. code: 6607 7689

  • Pediatric kit for children

    Venus Bulk Fill Pediatric Kit

    Venus Bulk Fill Syringe Pediatric Kit + iBOND Universal
    4 x 1.8 g syringes Venus Bulk Fill.– universal shade
    1 x 2 ml bottle of iBOND Universal
    1 out of 6 available finger puppets
    Art. code: 6607 7688


Instructions For Use

  • iBOND® Universal

    iBOND® Universal

    iBOND Universal is the universal, light-curing adhesive for any bonding technique and all indications. Being compatible with all dental materials, it is our all-rounder for reliable bond strength.

  • Venus® Diamond

    Venus® Diamond

    The new standard of care with its firm consistency: Venus Diamond nano-hybrid composite. The innovative formula and specially developed nano-hybrid filler system improve aesthetics, durability and processing properties.

  • Venus® Supra

    Venus® Supra

    Venus Supra pre- and high gloss polishers are made of silicone highly filled with microfine diamond powder. The five different shapes provide a universal solution for all anterior and posterior restorations.

  • Venus® Pearl

    Venus® Pearl

    The nano-hybrid composite Venus Pearl sets the new standard of care in a creamy consistency. It combines outstanding physical properties with impressive aesthetics.