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Kulzer Precious Metal Refining

Refine direct with Kulzer for highest returns.

Don’t lose money by accepting cash on the spot. Get more for your scrap - skip the middleman and refine direct with Kulzer, one of the world’s largest refiners. While cash-on-the-spot services and refiners who promise 24-hour turnaround time offer quick money, they typically value your scrap at a very conservative estimate—especially for yellow and white-looking metal, where there can be a broad range of gold content.

Why Refine with Kulzer?
  • Higher Profits - We have a robust process that accurately values your scrap
  • No Cost to You - We cover all materials and shipping costs
  • Autoship Program - Automates your refining process
  • Full Assay Report - Detailed scrap value report provided
  • No middleman - Come straight to the end refiner
  • No Hidden Fees - Transparent, easy-to-follow fee structure
  • Payout - In only 7-10 business days

How much could you receive for $1,000 worth of Precious Metals?*

Results comparison
*Assuming all quantities of precious metal are equal. Actual payout varies depending on the quantities of precious metals and value of London metal exchange when assayed.