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Kulzer Precious Metal Refining

Refine direct with Kulzer for highest returns.

Don’t lose money by accepting cash on the spot. Get more for your scrap - skip the middleman and refine direct with Kulzer, one of the world’s largest refiners. While cash-on-the-spot services and refiners who promise 24-hour turnaround time offer quick money, they typically value your scrap at a very conservative estimate—especially for yellow and white-looking metal, where there can be a broad range of gold content.

Why Refine with Kulzer?
  • Higher Profits - We have a robust process that accurately values your scrap
  • No Cost to You - We cover all materials and shipping costs
  • Autoship Program - Automates your refining process
  • Full Assay Report - Detailed scrap value report provided
  • No middleman - Come straight to the end refiner
  • No Hidden Fees - Transparent, easy-to-follow fee structure
  • Payout - In only 7-10 business days

How much could you receive for $1,000 worth of Precious Metals?*

Results comparison
*Assuming all quantities of precious metal are equal. Actual payout varies depending on the quantities of precious metals and value of London metal exchange when assayed.

Kulzer Precious Metal refinery address

Not sure where to send your scrap? Below is our new refinery address.
Kulzer Precious Metal Refining
1975 Knoxville HWY
Wartburg, TN 37887