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X-Ray Materials

X-Ray Materials

Perfect diagnostic image quality

The Agfa Dentus range comprises intra-oral and extra-oral X-ray films. It is supported by suitable intensifying screens, film cassettes for extra-oral exposures and processing chemicals. The X-ray films for intra-oral and extra-oral applications are available in all the standard formats used in practices. All the Agfa Dentus X-ray films provide high image quality at a low radiation dose.

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Intraoral X-ray Films

Not just safe - comfortable too.
Agfa Dentus M2 Comfort is a supersensitive intra oral fi lm in the Softopac with particularly high image quality and very low radiation dose requirement. The Agfa Dentus M2 Comfort is compatible with all customary X-ray units.

Accessories X-Ray

Optimal Processing
Agfa film cassettes have a patented magnetic press proof system which ensures a strong and homogeneous film/foil contact and this way guarantees highest image sharpness. Patented magnetic press proof system between foils and film. The combination of Agfa Dentus developer and Agfa Dentus fi xer ensures qualitative high-grade images for intraoral and extraoral technique.