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Indirect Restoratives Materials

Indirect Restoratives Materials

There's a system behind our precision in prosthetics

Precision and safe handling of materials decide the results in your prosthetic work. Besides addition-curing and condensation-curing silicones, our comprehensive product portfolio also includes alginates and bite registration materials. Our mixing device promote the efficiency of your treatment workflows and simply make your work easier. We also meet your requirements with our high-performance materials for temporary restorations or luting of indirect restorations.

Please select:

A-Silicone VPS Precision Impression Materials

Here your aspirations are met
For perfectly fitting prosthetics we offer you precision impression materials that meet the most challenging demands. From experience.

C-Silicone Impression Materials

Specific responses to your requirements

Our C-silicones Optosil and Xantopren offer high reliability and variation options in processing - for diverse requirements.

Alginate and Alginate Substitute Impression Materials

Two material groups for anatomical impressions

Our anatomical impression materials are easy to handle, economical and yield accurate models.

Bite Registration Materials

The perfect solution for every requirement

Our bite registration materials are versatile in their use and ensure fabrication of precisely fitting dental prosthetics.

Temporary C&B materials

Also temporaries need reliability

We offer you a range of high performance materials for temporary restoration.