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For Clinicians: Product groups by indication

We support dentists during all indications, from prevention to bone grafts, with our products for the dental practice.

Please select an indication:

Direct Restorative Materials

Systematic tooth preservation – with a great deal of experience:

Many factors are interlinked in tooth preservation. That's why it's best to rely on products that complement one another perfectly.

Whitening & Oral Care

Comprehensive in-office and take home teeth whitening systems including follow up oral and maintenance products designed to help patients achieve and maintain good oral health and radiant smiles.


Our natural gypsum products present you with quality standards you can continue to depend on.

Dentist Devices and Equipment

We have backed these devices with our experience

Devices from Kulzer are intended to support you in making the treatment process more efficient and safe. We have experience here.


Reliable protection against hypersensitivity

Preventive also encompasses prevention of hypersensitivity. desensitisation protects your patients.

Tooth Isolation & Suction

The complete system for tooth isolation.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning solutions in liquid, tabled and power options.


Modern Materials Wax products have set the standard in quality, versatility, consistency and reliability.

X-Ray Materials

Perfect diagnostic image quality
The Agfa Dentus range comprises intra-oral and extra-oral X-ray films. It is supported by suitable intensifying screens, film cassettes for extra-oral exposures and processing chemicals.