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Venus® Pearl

Venus Pearl

Venus Pearl – Beauty beyond esthetics.

Acquaint yourself with the new standard of care. The nano-hybrid composite Venus Pearl completes the natural color concept and the excellent physical properties that have already been offered with Venus Diamond. It delivers a soft consistency during modelling. The secret to Venus Pearl’s greater malleability is the adapted filler system.

Your esthetic restorations are the secret behind your patient's smile.

  • Easy and convenient handling: Venus Pearl combines a creamy consistency and minimal stickiness with simultaneously exceptional high sculptability. It offers an extended working time and is perfect to model and polish.
  • Outstanding physical properties: The material combines high flexural strength with minimal shrinkage stress. You obtain long-lasting, esthetically pleasing restorations with a permanent, natural luster..
  • Impressive esthetics: Venus Pearl offers a wide range of shades and can be applied in single- and multi-shade layering techniques. The material adapts perfectly to the color of the surrounding teeth, creating an outstandingly natural look.

Step by step to a new smile - minimally invasive diastema closure with Venus Pearl

Ulf Krueger-Janson, dental practitioner from Frankfurt (Germany) and Vice President of DGR2Z (German Society for Restorative and Regenerative Conservative Dentistry), describes his treatment routine for a minimally-invasive diastema closure using Venus Pearl. He provides tips and tricks on for example shade selection and how to easily create and use a silicone key.

Perfect cervical area restorations as business cards for the office - flow or conventional composite?

Ulf Krueger-Janson describes his step-by-step approach for aesthetic class V restorations with both Venus Diamond Flow and Venus Pearl. He gives tips and tricks and discusses the alternative restoration with the flowable composite Venus Diamond Flow.

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Perfect restorations for a perfect smile.

We deliver highly aesthetic nano-hybrid composites whatever your preference: a creamy consistency in the form of Venus Pearl, or a firmer consistency with Venus Diamond. Whichever you choose, the ease of use and outstanding physical properties remain the same.
The breakthrough formulations of Venus Diamond and Venus Pearl offer all the features you need:

■ Outstanding physical properties:

A patented matrix* and newly developed nano-hybrid filler system lead to improvements in esthetics, durability and handling. Exceptional strength, minimal shrinkage stress, very smooth surfaces, high wear resistance and optimized surface hardness are the features that make Venus composite restorations so reliable.

■ Pure esthetics:

Discover the new standard of care that will help you master your daily challenges. Venus Diamond and Venus Pearl can be used in single- or multilayer techniques. Using a multilayer technique, you can take advantage of the full range of their esthetic benefits. Venus Diamond and Venus Pearl adapt perfectly to the color of the surrounding tooth structure, creating an outstandingly natural look.
Venus composites are unique in their ability to blend inconspicuously with the coloring of the surrounding teeth. To demonstrate this effect, a filling of shade A2 was applied to a surrounding C2 reference.

■ Easy and convenient handling:

Both composites are highly stable, offer a longer working time (also under the operating light) and have a very low-stick consistency, even in the creamy format of Venus Pearl. Excellent sculptability and polishing are additional features of the two composites. The creation of direct as well as indirect restorations is simpler and therefore more efficient on your part.
* EP 1935393
Our formula for long-term esthetics.
Did you know that Venus Diamond and Venus Pearl are based on a unique new chemical that can help reduce the risk of restoration fractures and secondary caries? Take a look behind the scenes at the development of our TCD-matrix based composites.
The excellent physical properties of Venus Diamond and Venus Pearl are derived from our unique TCD-urethane formulation and an optimised filler system. This new chemical formulation lends the new Venus composites their special properties: an innovative molecular structure delivers an unparalleled combination of extremely high resistance, exceptional flexural strength and minimal shrinkage stress. Such properties are generally seen as key factors for significantly minimising fractures and secondary caries, which are the most common reasons for having to replace direct restorations. Venus composites offer more than just the sum of their individual parts. The spectrum of outstanding physical properties in itself makes the composites so reliable. Dentists from around the world have testified to this.
Venus Pearl

Source: Kulzer R&D, Wehrheim. Internal data. Documentation available.

Excellent sculptability and durability

More than five years were spent on developing the highly aesthetic nano-hybrid composite that goes by the name of Venus Diamond. Additional years of intensive effort were rewarded with the creation of a creamy alternative, called Venus Pearl. Both composites offer excellent working properties due to their special molecular structure. By combining different particle sizes, optimum filler packing density and content is achieved, resulting in high wear resistance. The use of nanoparticles enables perfect colour adaptation, ease of polish and an extremely high, long-lasting shine. Naturally, Venus composites are compatible with all commercially available bonding agents and bonding techniques.

Setting new standards in dental aesthetics

Your needs set our standards. We invest our knowledge and experience in the development of products to meet the discerning demands of your patients. The properties, shades and variations of Venus composites facilitate the creation of very natural restorations – both in the anterior and posterior regions.


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Product Information

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Safety Data Sheet

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Scientific Information

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Scientific Info Venus Pearl Strength testing University Regensburg Germany / (1663 kB) International PDF downloaden
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