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VacuKleen E2

VacuKleen E2

Cleans with a lemon flash

VacuKleen E2 is an Enzymatic Evacuation System Cleaner that delivers the strength of enzymatic cleaning power for removing tough deposits.

VacuKleen E2 is effective for:
Easy & Efficient Cleaning of your Evacuation System

VacuKleen E2 is available:
For Quarts: Box of 60 Pouches or Box of 140 Pouches
For Gallons: Box of 25 Pouches

Instructions For Use

VacuKleen E2 DFU / (69 kB) English PDF downloaden

Product Information

VK Solutions Sellsheet / (290 kB) English PDF downloaden

Safety Data Sheet

VacuKleen E2 / (80 kB) French (Canada) PDF downloaden
VacuKleen E2 / (75 kB) English (USA) PDF downloaden
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