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Ivory® ReLeaf™

Dentistry’s best hands-free suction solution.
Ivory ReLeaf is an innovative, hands-free HVE suction device that conveniently connects to existing dental vacuum systems.
ReLeaf assists with evacuation, retraction and maintaining a dry field during various dental and hygiene procedures.


Hands-free Comfort and Control
  • Latex free and BPA free, the custom blend polymer enables Leaf to be soft and comfortable
  • Patient easily controls fluid buildup and removal, minimizing risk of choking and gagging
  • Allows for effortless movement and communication without affecting suction


Ergonomic Efficiency for a Wide Range of Procedures
  • Maintain effective suction and dry field during wide array of dental and hygiene procedures
  • Work in all 4 quadrants with ergonomic comfort and full view of oral cavity - without need to move around
  • Improves clinical outcomes with greater focus on the details that matter


Time Savings and Practice Productivity
  • Up to 15 minutes of time savings per patient translating into hundreds of dollars in production
  • Frees staff capacity allowing more time to be devoted to other aspects of dental treatment
  • Significantly more cost-effective than most conventional suction solutions
ReLeaf Hygiene Applications & Procedures:
  • Ultrasonic Scaling
  • Root Planning
  • Prophylaxis
  • Debridements
  • Sealants
ReLeaf Dental Application & Procedures:
  • Restorative Procedures
  • General Dentistry
  • Endodontics
  • Periodontics
  • With or without Bite Blocks
  • With Rubber Dams
View From A Patient
"I found ReLeaf to be very comfortable and liked that I was able to communicate with ReLeaf in my mouth. I also liked that I had control over the water and fluid buildup as I was able to close and remove all fluid whenever I wanted to."
View From A Hygienist
"Whether it be prophylaxis, ultrasonic scaling or debridement, ReLeaf lets me relax and focus on the job at hand. Before ReLeaf, I would spend as much time maneuvering the suction as I did actually scaling teeth. Now, ReLeaf basically relieves me of having to worry about and deal with suction. Any product that can save me time and help me provide exceptional care to my patients will get my attention and respect - and that's exactly what ReLeaf does."
- Gwen Smukowski, RDH
View From A Dentist
"I appreciate the fact that ReLeaf can save up to 15 minutes of time per procedure. When you multiply that by the number of hygiene procedures we do each day, that has a huge impact of the improved patient experiences on patient retention and recruitment, ReLeaf can really be a wonderful asset for the practice."
- Lee Ann Brady, DMD


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Instructions For Use

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Product Information

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