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Flexitime Fast&Scan – the extra fast A-silicone for single-tooth preparation

Flexitime Fast&Scan

Flexitime® Fast & Scan – the extra fast, scannable A-silicone

With over 10 years of proven impression performance and market experience, Flexitime Fast & Scan was developed together with dentists and labs to address new manufacturing processes and optimal digital workflow. It is a powder-free scannable material with an extra-short intraoral setting time. For you this means even higher time-savings and the additional option of direct digital scanning.

The combination of our extraoral scanner cara Scan 4.0i and Flexitime Fast & Scan provides higher precision and detail thanks to direct scanning. This gives you the opportunity to digitize your traditionally taken impressions and paves the way towards automated processing.

The possibilities of modern prosthetics
  • Ready to scan: With Flexitime Fast & Scan the direct and powder-free scanning of impressions is possible. You enjoy all the benefits of modern CAD/CAM restorations without having to change your customary impressioning workflow and without having to invest in hardware or software.
  • Economical work processes: The digital scanning of impressions leads to an augmented efficiency in the cooperation with your lab.

Fast and flexible
  • Fast: Flexitime Fast & Scan allows a time-saving, more efficient workflow for 1 – 3 unit stump impressions. The shortened intraoral setting time of only 2:00 minutes increases your patients’ comfort and saves time for you.
  • Flexible: The working time of 0:30 to 1:30 minutes enables your customized use of the material. Flexitime Fast & Scan comes in 4 different viscosities and 3 different delivery forms and is suitable for various impression techniques.
The Flexitime range is a system where components are optimally suited to one another. That is why you can individually combine the different materials for all impression techniques. The Flexitime® system gives you recommendations for ideal product combinations. Please select the indication, your preferred impression technique, the desired viscosity of the tray material as well as the size of the prosthetic work.

Scan precision with Flexitime Fast & Scan

The precision is evaluated using the following steps
  • Optical measurement of a model with typical tooth preparations The model made out of Diemet model material representing the master model situation.
  • Scan of a Flexitime Fast & Scan impression taken of this model with a D 700 impression scanner (3Shape)
  • Scan of a plaster model made with Flexitime Fast & Scan by pouring the above impression with gypsum (Co. Picodent, camtec-rock)
  • 3D deviation analysis by overlay of the respective 3D data with the Diemet master model (blue- and red-coded deviations)

Source: External data (SL3D), documentation available.

Instructions For Use

Flexitime Fast&Scan / (2915 kB) International PDF downloaden

Product Information

Flexitime brochure / (1739 kB) English (USA) PDF downloaden
Flexitime Fast & Scan Sell Sheet / (751 kB) PDF downloaden
Flexitime Tips & Tricks Guide One Step Technique / (4048 kB) English PDF downloaden
Flexitime Tips & Tricks Two Step Technique / (4003 kB) English PDF downloaden

Scientific Information

Flexitime Fast & Scan - The Dental Advisor / (1998 kB) PDF downloaden
Impression & Bite Registration Materials - The Dental Advisor / (5137 kB) PDF downloaden
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