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Dri-Clav VK-1


Powerful cleaning with minimal effort

Dri-Clave VK-1 is formulated especially for the removal of buffing compounds, pumice, rouge, tripoli, food particles, foreign matter and soils of all types from dentures, bridges, crowns, orthodontic appliances, instruments, burs, reamers, diamonds, aspirator tips & glass slabs.
Also available:
  • Dri-Clave VK-3
  • Dri-Clave VK-4
  • Dir-Clave VK-6

Instructions For Use

Dri-Clave VK-1 DFU / (680 kB) English PDF downloaden

Product Information

VK Solutions Sellsheet / (290 kB) English PDF downloaden

Safety Data Sheet

Dri-Clave VK-1 / (84 kB) French (Canada) PDF downloaden
Dri-Clave VK-1 / (80 kB) English (USA) PDF downloaden
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