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Agfa Dentus® Film Cassettes & Intensifying Screens

Agfa Dentus Film Cassesttes & Intensifying Screens

Easy to use - Reliable Diagnosis

Agfa film cassettes have a patented magnetic press proof system which ensures a strong and homogeneous film/foil contact and this way guarantees highest image sharpness. The very low rate of radiation absorption by the plastic used ensures that radiation exposure to the patient is kept at a minimum. The special protective coating of the intensifying screens leads to distinct reduction of scattered radiation and thus to even sharper picture results.


  • Patented magnetic press proof system between foils and film
  • An integrated film-indicator shows whether there is a fi lm in the cassette.
  • Long-life due to non-sensitive, impact and scratch resistant plastic casing.
  • Dimensions in accordance with standard regulations (15 x 30 cm).