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Kulzer: Trusted Brands for Clinicians

Kulzer products help clinicians restore patient’s smiles in a safe, more convenient and cost-effective way.

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The Agfa Dentus range comprises intra-oral and extra-oral X-ray films and is supported by suitable intensifying screens, film cassettes for extra-oral exposures and processing chemicals.


Digital prosthetics has a name. cara from Kulzer.


Charisma® – naturally reliable
The Charisma brand combines easy application, reliability and natural aesthetics. For this reason, Charisma has been used every day throughout the world for over 20 years - in millions of fillings.


Flexitime® - Confident precision. Every time.
Our VPS precision Flexitime impression material is geared towards the demanding requirements of modern prosthetics. With this A-silicone, we offer you the flexibility you need and precision you can rely.


Use GLUMA® to prevent hypersensitivity under every restoration - whether direct or indirect.


iBOND® – Bonding with confidence.
With iBOND®, we offer you top-quality adhesives - together with the promise of equally reliable adhesion to enamel and dentine and exceptional marginal quality.


Ivory offers a complete system for tooth isolation.


Pala by Kulzer is the brand for high-quality artificial teeth, resins and first-class accessories. Pala. That's Prosthetics- from tooth setup to the finished denture!


Light-curing with consistent quality
You want to be able to trust modern polymerizsation. With our Translux curing lights, we ensure that your restoration are perfectly cured - simply and sustainably.


Venus Diamond – Beauty beyond aesthetics.
The properties, shades and variations of Venus composites facilitate fabrication of very natural restorations – both in the anterior – and posterior region.


VK Solutions & Tablets - Your complete ultrasonic cleaning system. Powerful cleaning with minimal effort.


xantasil® A - impressively convenient

In the alginate substitute field, there is one name you need to know for anatomic impressions: xantasil. It ensures robust impressions with long-lasting dimensional and storage stability and covers all typical indications.

Further products

Our range of products for modern dentistry

We offer you a wide range of products for your personal preferences and treatment situations - ranging from alginates to cement, and from impressions to dentures.