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Denture Materials

Denture Materials

The optimum solution for every indication: Our Pala system has everything you need for manufacturing high-quality prostheses, from the best acrylic to first class accessories.

As a pioneer in the field of prosthetic materials, Kulzer introduced PMMA acrylic into dentistry 80 years ago. We are continuously applying innovative processes to optimisze our Pala denture acrylics for your prosthetic needs. This allows you to be able to fabricate high quality dentures easily and cost-efficiently. All materials are tested and certified for biocompatibility.

You can rely on high durability, color stability, mucous membrane tolerance and great esthetics for every indication.

Please choose a category:

Cold Curing Denture Acrylics

Pala cold-curing acrylics are colour-stable and can be processed quickly and safely.

Heat Curing Denture Acrylics

Kulzer set standards in prosthetics with Paladon, the first heat-curing acrylic, in 1930.

Tooth-Colored Acrylics

Our tooth-coloured, self-adhesive universal acrylics are ideal for interim prosthetics.


Dentures should not be detectable as such. The individual character makes the restoration appear natural.

Consumables for Fabricating Prosthetics

Our Pala consumable materials provide reliable support for the manufacture of precisely fitted prosthetics.

Equipment  Denture Materials

Manufacture your dentures safely and efficiently with our Pala system devices.

Denture Accessories

Always at hand: The PalaSystem offers a wide range of processing accessories for manufacturing prosthetics.