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Palajet - The compressed air injection unit for accurately fitting prostheses


The injector unit for manufacturing full dentures is perfectly designed for the material properties of our Palapress vario and PalaXpress ultra prosthetic acrylics.

The well designed PalaXpress dosing system eliminates dosing errors and ensures consistent processing properties. The result is convincing – both in simplicity of manufacture and in quality: High quality full dentures with many benefits compared to conventional systems.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Simple manufacture of full dentures
  • No vertical occlusion adjustment
  • High accuracy of fit, perfect seating
  • Virtually no trimming
  • Simple operation
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Only compressed-air connection required (4 bar), no electric power necessary
  • No application of force required


  • Heat and cold curing

Scope of supply: Device including filling cartridges and cover, 1 Palajet Duoflask, 12 PalaXpress, Filling cartridges including 12 covers and 50 sealing rings, PalaXpress dosing cup, Pala mixing cup, Pala mixing spatula, PalaXpress Channel wax (32 strips Ø 7mm and 32 strips Ø 3 mm) Timer, Flask basket

Overview of technical specifications for Palajet:

Technical specifications for Palajet:
Compressed air connection maximum 10 bar
Rated power 4 bar
Plunger speed 0 - 50 mm/s
Compression force on the filling cylinder approx. 2 kN = 200 kp (kilopound)
Dimensions W x H x D in mm: 400 × 290 × 265
Weight in kg approx. 13.5
The delivery scope includes:
  • Injection cylinder including cover
  • Palajet Duoflask flask (including hexagonal socket wrench [13 mm], opening key for flasks, spacer, place-holder)
  • 12 x injection cylinder cartridges
  • 12 x cover cartridges
  • 50 x sealing discs
  • Measurement cup
  • Mixing cup
  • Mixing spatula
  • Channel wax (33 strips Ø 7mm and 30 strips Ø 3mm)
  • Timer
  • Flask basket
The following accessories are available for the Palajet (not included in the delivery scope):

PalaXpress ultra

Palajet Duoflask
PalaXpress ultra is an optimized acrylic that can be used for all indications. A specialized additive improves fracture resistance of this high performance denture acrylic.

  • Improved fracture resistance
  • Rreduce fracture and repairs
  • Easily processed
  • Economic endurable

Palajet Single flask - single flask

Palajet Singleflask
The completed wax setup can also be invested in a single flask and injected using Palajet as usual

  • Familiar processing
  • Simple handling
  • Shorter casting sprues

Videos: Application of Palajet

Investing and boil out of the Duoflask

Preparation and completion with Palajet

Handling Information

Palajet Guide / (1 MB) English (USA) PDF downloaden

Product Information

Palajet Sellsheet / (471 kB) English PDF downloaden

Scientific Information

Pala denture acrylics and equipment – PalaXpress and Palajet / (406 kB) International PDF downloaden
Pala Denture acrylics and equipment – PalaXpress and Palajet / (427 kB) International PDF downloaden
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