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Pala Polish

Pala Polish
Pala Polish
High Shine polishing paste
• Simultaneously removes scratches and leaves a high shine on dental appliances.
• No need for pumice.
• Reduce polishing times.
• Available in an 80 gram jar.
▪ Dentures
▪ Partial Dentures
▪ Orthodontic Appliances
▪ Composite Materials
A small brush or rag wheel may be used to create a high shine
▪ Obtain a high shine while removing scratches
▪ Polish in one step
▪ Smooths prosthesis without pumice
▪ Reduces finishing and polishing time
▪ Increases aesthetics of final prosthesis
▪ Allows technician to polish at their normal workbench in a dry environment
▪ Allows use of small wheels that maintain characterization
▪ Reduces the amount of different polishing pastes required as it

Product Information

Pala Polish Sell Sheet / (589 kB) English (USA) PDF downloaden

Safety Data Sheet

Pala Polish / (333 kB) English (USA) PDF downloaden
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