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  • Unique layering structure
  • Easy handling & predictable results
  • One toothline for all indications
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The versatile mid-class tooth line with life-like aesthetics.

Reliable and versatile, Delara is a vital component of a dental technician’s tool kit. With vibrant aesthetics and an excellent price-to-performance ratio, it’s a perfect choice for use in partial and full dental prostheses. Delara is available in:
  • 18 upper and 5 lower anterior moulds, 4 upper and 4 lower posterior moulds with 20° angulation
  • 18 vibrant shades (VITA A1-D4 plus bleach shades BL2 & BL3)

Form, function and aesthetics.

Designed by dental professionals, for dental professionals using INCOMP and CAD/CAM technology, Delara offers these advantages:

Beautiful, Lifelike Aesthetics
  • Modern, bright shading (3 layer anteriors)
  • Dynamic light refraction
  • Vivid, enhanced surface structure
  • Anatomical forms

Easy Handling for Enhanced Productivity
  • Polishing buffer
  • Basal grinding reserve
  • Optimized incisal edges
  • Retains shape and layering even after grinding

  • Optimized portfolio of shades and moulds with full range of options
  • Various setup possibilities (tooth-to-tooth to cross bite)
  • CAD/CAM production for easy integration into digital workflows

Value and Performance
  • Excellent functionality with Kulzer quality and durability
  • Great price to performance ratio for mid-priced segment

At the heart of the PALA family of teeth.

Great feedback:

“When I tried Delara teeth, I was impressed! The teeth looked modern and beautiful! They surpass every comparable tooth line. Delara offers two great advantages: handling security and aesthetics. The basal design of Delara allows for easy set-up without much grinding.”

Ilkka Garaisi, Denturist (Clinical dental technician)

Product Information

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Pala Teeth Family Brochure / (1 MB) PDF downloaden
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