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Giving a Hand

Mission of the Compliance Program

The purpose of the Compliance Program is to:
  • Prevent, detect and correct violation of law and company policy and procedures;
  • Assure the establishment of compliance policies and procedures for business operations;
  • Assure development of training and other programs designed to educate employees regarding applicable policies, procedures and standards;
  • Implement a mechanism to evaluate the effectiveness of essential elements of the Compliance Program;
  • Implement a mechanism for internal reporting of questionable or inappropriate activities to enable timely investigation and resolution;
  • Assure appropriate corrective action is taken to prevent recurrence of misconduct

Code of Ethics

Our daily business is determined by our core values and business ethics:
  • Self-initiative and responsibility — we contribute ideas, express our views and execute them properly
  • Honesty, reliability and predictability — we respect and trust each other
  • Creativity and enthusiasm for innovation — we are proud of progressive and customer-oriented solutions
  • Conscientious treatment of employees — we esteem the dignity of the individual at all times
  • Responsible handling of financial and natural resources — we are cost conscious, but prepared to take entrepreneurial risks
Compliance Hotline
To report alleged noncompliance with laws, regulations and Company Policy, other potential compliance misconduct, or request copies of Kulzer Compliance documents, please contact the compliance and ethics hotline or e-mail:

Compliance Officer:

Kira Geiss