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cara Scan 4.0

cara Scan 4.0

cara Scan 4.0

Inside there’s all you need.
  • Compact and precise model and impression scanner
  • Excellent price-performance-ratio
  • Contains all you need for precise scanning
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The new compact model and impression scanner.

cara Scan 4.0 is the latest addition to Kulzer’s digital solutions portfolio. With our products and services, we provide you with tailor-made solutions for every step of the digital process.
Kulzer offers the industry’s only comprehensive digital workflow for denture production. Highly efficient and easy to use, this “one-stop-shop” solution will meet all of your denture production needs.
  • Scan with cara Scan 4.0
  • Design with Pala Design Studio (for denture design only)
  • Print with cara Print 4.0 and dima Print Materials
  • Wash with cara Print Clean
  • Cure with HiLite Power 3D

Benefits at a glance:

  • Compact Class: cara Scan 4.0 fits onto any countertop thanks to its small size. Everything you need is inside this slim design.
  • Easy to Use: The intelligent design and intuitive display facilitate your dail work.
  • Plug & Play: The PC is already integrated and software is installed.
  • Convenient: The well-balanced workflow provides working data for CAM-based in-house manufacturing.
  • Proprietary Workflow: You benefit by choosing a comprehensive dital workflow powered by equipment, software and materials from one provider.
  • Efficient: Collect data and coordinate workflows, scan models with high precision, and send the scan data to your CAD program for design.
  • Great Value: An economical price combined with high performance gives you an excellent relationship between costs and benefits.
  • Blue LED Structured Light Technology: The scanner uses the latest light technology for obtaining high-precision scans.
  • Completely Open System: cara Scan 4.0 allows you to export open STL files.

Practical and precise. It's all you need.

cara Scan 4.0 is an easy-to-use, high-performance dual-axis scanner. With its slim and efficient design, it easily integrates into virtually any laboratory setting. The highly precise table-top unit measures with an accuracy of 15 microns in a fully automatic scanning procedure.
  • Scan only function perfect for edentulous scanning.
  • Easier selective scanning of the gingiva, wax-ups and check bites.
Getting started is easy!

cara Scan 4.0 offers you a whole range of features in a simple to operate, plug & play format. The PC is already integrated and the software is already installed. To get started, all you need is a monitor and a mouse.

Part of your comprehensive digital denture workflow.

When you’re ready to send scan data for design, Pala Design Studio—Kulzer’s online CAD software—works with many standardized open formats. Import and export common file types such as STL, PLY, and OBJ. Maintaining an open system guarantees compatibility and smooth communication between the dental practice and dental laboratories.

Pala Design Studio is the first web-based denture design software. Developed by the experts at Kulzer and DENTCA, this online service allows dental laboratories to design cases for 3D printed or milled formats in a simple and efficient way. So efficient, in fact, that you’ll be able to design a case in 10 minutes and have the final STL file rendered in under an hour.
With Pala Design Studio, multiple technicians can design cases simultaneously without any software installation required. And, new projects can be started while current cases are undergoing rendering, eliminating the need to wait for final generation to finish. Your lab will be able to maximize its output and production like never before.

Pala Digital Dentures Workflow

The Pala Digital Dentures 2.0 workflow incorporates 3D scanning, design and printing technologies with your preferred fabrication techniques. The result is increased efficiency and cost savings for the laboratory, and dentures that look natural and fit perfectly for the patient. Best of all, the entire process can be completed in under two hours.
Utilize Kulzer equipment to easily scan, design and create patient try-ins. Kulzer’s team of experts can even assist with designing and prototyping. When it’s time to process the final denture, your team has full independence and control. A wide range of economy and premium options ensure you’ll get consistent, precise results every time—whether you opt for a fully printed denture, or more traditional methods.

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